About me

Hey... I'm Joe


As we grow in life, we learn the value of helping others. Imagine helping others to be their best, and at the same time making money and having financial freedom. Freedom to explore and enjoy life.

I’ve experienced the value of managing my life so that I don’t have the limitations of the past. You can too, with a strong desire and the right coaching.

My group at the “four percent” company, is at the top of the online marketing profession. The training is unparalleled in the industry. It is my intention to develop my group of people, to become successful in their lives. Most will have a successful online business, developing it along with me. Be active in my group and you will be successful. I offer you: An opportunity to get rid of all of your excuses to becoming successful, and the vehicle to get there. Are you ready?

My Story...

I grew up in the N.Y.C. housing projects. Survival was everything. After graduating high school with honors and a chemical engineering degree, I graduated with honors in accounting from one of the top 4 state schools in New York.

I went on to get many licenses and degrees, all in search of trying to figure out how to live a better life. I became an NLP master practitioner, and took many self help courses. I've coached professionals with career problems. I've helped thousands of people solve IRS tax problems. I've done it all.

But still something was missing. How can I accomplish so much, yet, something was still missing? When Covid 19 hit, I examined the past years of my life, and then realized that I was full of beliefs that took away the "personal power that we all can have". I discovered how we give our "power" away to other people and to limiting beliefs we have about what is possible.

After several months, using my MC-OYL method, I was getting unbelievable results in the three main areas that I call, health, money, and relationships.

We really can have the life WE want, not what someone else says a successful life is. I'm having the life I created now, and it's wonderful. You can have it too.

The Turning Point...

Despite the struggle to continue the six parts of my MC-OYL method for managing control of my life, I

continued to follow the daily practice. Once I saw great improvements in my relationships, health, and

money, I began to look at what I really wanted in my life.

What I wanted was financial freedom. Freedom to not only have time with my family, but to explore

what life had to offer me. This led me back to having the online business that I was too scared to have in

the past. I was now confident enough to switch my focus to what I have wanted to do for decades.

Then finding Vic our leader and the “four percent” company, I knew I had found the right vehicle to get

me online and support me through my journey of having a very successful online business. This was the

best and most ethical business that I could find. I still feel the same way as I did from the beginning. This

is the one.

My Intention...

For those who are willing to work hard and invest in themselves, I will help you with the following:


Train in successful online affiliate marketing from start to finish. Train in what controls your life, so you can get past any obstacles that get in your way.


You follow the “four percent” training, day by day, course by course, and seek help whenever you are at a stopping point.

You follow our advice on looking at what you do each day, examining many things that you take for granted, or struggle with in your life.

If you have a desire to help people be successful in their life. If you want to also help them in areas such as money, health, and relationships...

*You can learn to allow yourself to receive more money than you internally believe that you are worth.

This is one of the biggest stopping points for otherwise successful people. This was my problem for many years.

How About you?

It never matters where you came from, your race or religion. By now, most of us can search and find successful people from all types of backgrounds. Perhaps it is time to believe in yourself, and the possibility that you can have what you want in YOUR life.

Some of you may know in your heart that it is possible, but you are frustrated, and don’t know how to make it happen. Believe me, I’ve been there for decades. But now you are in luck. I’ve “cracked the code”. It’s in the way you manage what controls your life. With enough practice and training, you can

break free of what limits your thinking. So, if you are ready, I’ve got the knowledge, the experience, and the training. Do you have the commitment to manage your life so that you can do what is necessary to be successful?

If you are up to the task, and I believe you are, Then… I invite you to attend the free masterclass we are hosting. There you will be given the blueprint to follow step by step, that will change your life for the better. No fluff, no B/S, I promise

You can register your spot here.

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